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replacement engine

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hi all, i have an ariens 8hp snow thrower with engine problems,
where can i find a decent replacement that will not break the bank.
it has the hmsk80 tecumseh on it now. and i hear they are hard to get parts
for? it is an 1998 yr engine. got a quote for 525.00 for a new tecumseh installed good price?
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define "Engine Problems"

You can pretty much fix anything short of a hole in the block with basic hand tools.
Ok, so what is the Shaft size, and mounting bolt spacing? Harbor freight sells some very high quality and very inexpensive motors that are direct replacements for most single shaft motors. Mounting bolts and shaft sizes are pretty much standardized today and not brand specific. If the shaft size is different you may just need to buy a new pulley keeping the same O.D. with a different shaft size. 3,600 rpm's is also pretty standard on all of these motors so there should be no issues there either.

To touch the sensitive issue of buying Chinese, You can not buy a new motor in that size anymore that is made in America. HF sells clones of Honda so you are supporting the theft of a design that Honda paid to develop. A modern Briggs, while made in china is at least a Briggs design. Also at least twice the price of HF. New Honda is the most expensive option, but also the best built motor (HF best built for the price).
Generally, the clones will use Honda parts just fine for most cases. I don't like seeing my $$$ go overseas, but unfortunately sometimes it is a matter of economics.
I apologize for bringing up the Chinese engine debate. I agree that keeping the old iron going is the best way. And yes, these motors are called clones because the Honda parts are interchangeable. Parts should not be the problem with these engines.

That said, to the original poster...

There are already a bunch of people here ready and willing to help you. If you have already replaced your motor let us know. It's good etiquette on forums to report the outcome of your problem instead of leaving it up in the air.

If not, post a picture or more info about the problem with the original motor and I'm pretty sure you will get a ton of help. Repairing small engines is something we do because we for some sick reason enjoy it. I think I get more satisfaction from taking a non functioning piece of equipment and fixing it than I do from actually using it. As a matter of fact, sometimes after I fix something I have to sell it because it has no value to me when running. I only value some things broken so that I can fix them.
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Is it hard to start? It sounds like you could be low on compression due to valves, head gasket, or just plain out being worn out. At least this explains a running engine that bogs ans stalls under load.
Whats the serial number of your engine?

Also, small engine repair shops have got to pay there bills. Sometimes a quote for repair will be enough that it's cheaper to buy a replacement motor even though the original motor is otherwise in good shape. If you can do the job yourself it's rarely a cheaper alternative to buy a whole new motor.

I did have a repair recently however where i decided to replace the motor rather than repair. It was an old 6 horse Tecumseh that shattered the rod. If only the rod needed replacement I could have done the job for $30-50. Unfortunately the crankshaft was scored badly where the rod attaches and that was something like $120 for the part alone. So instead of spending over $150, I purchased a 6.5 hp clone for $103+tax.

Sometimes there is enough carbon buildup on the valves to keep them from seating properly. It's not out of the realm of possibility that you just need a rotary tool with a scotch brite pad to have the motor running like new. If your going to replace the motor anyways than you really have nothing to lose by removing the head and having a look. Especially if it's a flathead.
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