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It was exciting when the broken, flailing belts stripped out all the wiring from the old Bolens H14 1456. The new wiring is in place and very un-dramatic. It just looks neat, almost invisible in its black spiral-wrap coat. :thThumbsU

But, unlike the old wiring, this stuff works and does not have any cracked or burned insulation. How boring

Album in picasa with befor and after pics:

But no good deed goes unpunished. I got nice, new belts to accessorize Bridget, all in the proper size, and they are much too long. The previous owner put an undersized pulley on the hydromatic drive. I just knew things were going too well.

Have a good Fourth!

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Looks great. There was a silver lining to having the electrical system destroyed before your very eyes. I'll bet that you'll have many years of trouble free use out of it now.
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