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Replace parking brake rod on Deere X475

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The orange handle on my X475 broke. When I went to replace it I found that Deere changed the part numbers which now I need to replace everything including the brake rod. My question is how to do I get the brake rod out.. I am assuming that I need to loosen up the dash or remove it but I can not figure out how to do that. I found two Phillips black screws on each side at the top of the dash which I removed them and it loosed the dash up a little but not enough to remove it. Can anyone help me.. If there is an easier way to replace the brake rod instead of removing the dash I would love to hear that also.

I am assuming it is the same on x465, x475, x485, x575, x585
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Why not try eBay for the handle? It is a $3 part and I am sure it is available from some of the used parts dealers on eBay. I removed the handle on an X540 and I didn't have to remove the dash. It had a split pin down on the bottom end that I got to from below the tractor and then it just pulled out.
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Maybe this can help, this is for a X495

View attachment Brakes Repair.pdf
I think, yep just think, you’ll need to take off the screen to guide it, I think the rod will go out the bottom, I put a new handle on x595 while back

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