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Decided I was going to try and fix the shifter on my Toro model #20218. I figured out how to remove it from the dash panel. All plastic housing with a metal brace for the speed control lever. Wire froze up and I pushed to hard on the lever and it slipped out of hole in lever.

Decided going to try and slip wire back in where it belongs. Almost impossible, slot to narrow to use any small tools to bend the wire. I removed the speed control and notice on one side they must use heat to hold the two half`s together I drilled out these holes hoping the two would come apart, ended up cutting through with blade on hand held clipper.

Got it apart and lubed everything up with Fluid Film, this stuff loves rust. Got everything moving again. Found some small bolts and nuts to hold the housing back together, I thought about gluing it but what happens if it breaks again, if I get heavy handed again. Put everything back in the dash panel, then the small bolts & nuts everything nice and tight, shifter works fine just a little stiff got to let the fluid film have a chance to slick things up inside that wire casing.

Started the mower up and tried moving lever and it was a little hard but I got all three speeds and neutral. Surprising how easy this mower rolls in neutral for a mower built in 91 or 92, always starts first pull, full choke and shes running. I mowed with it, did the front, and side yards, great little trimmer mower, equipped with a Gator blade. Cleaned up around my cat grave he been gone for 2 month now. Then finish up with my John Deere, was getting hot and humid. I could have bought a new speed control but why not try and fix it first, I was in the mood to tinker, so I got lucky.

I thought about using the Lawn Boy but got to get the right gas and mix for it, I put a little 50 to 1 mix in it just to start it up when I bought it. I know I still owe you some pictures of my $35.00 Commercial mower. The mix ratio is........ I had it written down but can`t find it......Hint....Hint?????
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