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Removing the Deck Lift handle

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Anyone able to give me any tips on how best to remove the deck lift handle on my 1315? I'm pretty sure it's fairly identical on other models of similar vintage. My problem (see photo) is that after removing the screws that secure the handle to the keyed shaft that it attaches to, I cannot pry the handle body off the shaft. I've sprayed/soaked it well with lubricants, but it doesn't want to budge.<br>
The reason I'm removing it, is because when I bought this unit used, it was missing the pieces indicated in Red on the photo that allow the handle to lock in at different heights, but the height adjustment assembly was tight enough that you could use the handle to raise or lower it and it would just stay at that height without moving. I'm not really happy with this arrangement however, since it will sometimes slip, and I want to get the parts to assemble this correctly. I want to remove the handle from the bar so I can be sure of the parts I need to order.<br>

Any sage advice? I've tried prying with a crowbar and such wonderful prying tools, but it's stubborn. My next step is to torch it up and see if heating/cooling it will loosen things.


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I would suggest using a longer bolt in place of the hold down in the end of the torque shaft and using a puller against that. A longer bolt threaded in place will allow the lever to be pulled over the shank of the bolt while the puller is pressing on the head of the bolt. Does that make any sense?

I bet it will slip off without much fuss.
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