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Guys- the time has come for me to pull the wheels off of my A to get some new tires on it. Does anybody have a good guide to removing these? Pictures would be nice.

Thanks for any help

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it is actually easier to change the tires out on the mounted rims rather than remove the wheels and wrassel them around, mounting tractor tires is not that difficult.

i have taken many tractor tires off the rim to repair through the years , with just a few common farm tools,

1. you need a level space for the tractor to set, with room to get around the tractor. helper is handy

2. tire hammer/ sledge hammer with flatend bar to break bead or a handy man jack, and truck bumper works well for this purpose, tire irons/crowbars for prying

3. bottle jack to lift the side you are working with.

4. container if you are saving the liquid ballast, one old drum will hold anything in a normal size tire off of and A, pump is nice if you are going to reuse, but i would not put it back in a show tractor

5. air supply for airing up new tires

here locally i have a guy who will come and change it out on the farm for $45 a call plus an additional 20 for the second tire, so he has been my goto guy now that i am getting older.

just some thoughts
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