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Remove battery cable ?? Help Cub 126 problem

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Today a weird thing happened. My 126 Cub was running and I shut it off and it stayed running or turning over. I took off the reg cover and adjusted the shutoff volt screw and it seems ok now . Now im gunshy and I took off the neg cable so it doesnt do this in the middle of the night and start a fire.

Is there a cheap easy way to do a disconnect ?? Do you disconnect the neg or pos wire ??

What do you guys do ??
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Anytime you disconnect your battery the first step is to disconnect the negative cable from the battery. When hooking one up the last step is to connect the negative cable to the battery. You can buy a disconnect switch which is nothing more than an arm which you swing one way or the other. Was it running at the same speed or was the engine percolating after you shut it off?
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What was happening was the contacts inside the volt reg was touching so the motor was just turning over, the key was off so it wouldnt start just turn over.

These shutoffs would go to the neg cable then ?
Not really, either cable. In antique cars and hot rods, you see them in either lead.

I have them in either. Only reason for me was that the placement of the switch would dictate the least amount of additional cable installed. The lesser footage of cable, the less the total voltage drop during the cranking period.

Word of caution, the switch needs to be water proof as well as electrically insulated. The run of the mill lawn tractor gets hosed down often or they are stored outdoors, uncovered. Don't want wet grass clippings bridging the 2 exposed terminals. It defeats the purpose of the switch.
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is it nessaary to install one ?? Dont tell me I need one on my car too.... ?

Where to buy or how to make one easy ?
I wouldn't put one on anything unless I had battery drain down and couldn't find out why. If you fixed the problem then I wouldn't bother with them. But do always disconnect the ground first and hook the ground up last as I said. Keeps you from grounding out while hooking up the positive for one thing.

Here's a couple at Auto Zone
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Make sure that when you open the switch the engine is not running. If you open it while running all kinds of voltage spikes are generated and have a tendancy to fry electrical components.
Somewhat simple analogy, compare it to running your car up a hill and without lifting your foot from the throttle disengaging the clutch.....Mike
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I only put a switch in my vehicles because they're 25 years old or older, and not used that often.

I do have one tractor that the battery has been disconnected, but that's because there is a problem with it and I don't want to keep removing the battery. It's an 'engine oil all over the place' problem.
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It won't start doing that in the middle of the night, the points in the regulator had stuck together. I'd replace the voltage regulator and fix the problem. On our racecars we have to have a master disconnect on the battery but it shouldn't be needed on any kind of regular vehicle or tractor.
wasnt worried about it starting was worried about it sitting there turning over all night and heating up wires and starting a fire.....
are you sure the start solenoid is not stuck in the on position ? I'm not sure on that machine but being the voltage reg should not keep the starter going unless it is bad , shorting to ground. check the resistor on the bottom of the regulator and see if the rivet fell out and grounding it.
no it is the contact inside the vr, I adjusted it per the manula and it seems ok now but if you remove the cover with the key off and push the contact so it touches the other it will turn the motor over and over and over
that doesn't make sense, the only way a starter can get power in through the solenoid, you have something else wrong.
If I'm correct the relay your talking about in the VR is the flash relay. it only falshes the starter armature when you crank it. this flash circut sets the voltage the generator will put out. If you have the wires crossed on the tabs , sounds like you have the field wire on the armature tab and that intern goes to the + and start selenoid.
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I believe it is the cut of relay and the manual tells you to disconnect the battery when adjusting this one because it contacts together when the key is turned on OR if you touch it together.

When you turn the key on it comes together and seperates I THINK when proper voltage is reached.

I havent changed ANY wires and this has been able to do it since day one. If any of you guys have this same set up pull the cover off the vr with the key off and push the spring loaded contact down till it touches and see if this happens.

I guess there is always power to this...
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