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Refurbished sears outlet? Pgt9000 26hp 50"

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Seams like a killer deal 50% off. 1500.00 Nothing else new compares at that price.

What About warranty and though nearly never a good idea, an extended warranty?

Also what model does this compare to? Looks like a cheap version of a vanguard motor. I know this isn't a 3 decade mower but at 1500.00 I can buy one now and in 10 years sell it for a few bucks and start again with a new mower.
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That is a good price for the Battlestar Galactica, and as added peace of mind the 3 year bumper to bumper warranty still keeps the price south of $2K. By the way, Sears will negotiate on the price of the warranty. I told them right off there was no way I was going to to pay $300 for the warranty (this was in Dec of 07). They very quickly dropped the price to $200 and I bit.
Mower thread topic was for a pyt. But I found a pgt for 1750 at an outlet. Drove a
good distance. Got there and wasn't super impressed with the pgt if t had been full
price but for 1750 I was ready. Asked about the extended warranty and was shoes the computer screen 77.99 for 5 years and 450 for 3 years. I
said ring me up one tractor and one 5 year warranty. He runs off to the manager to
come back later and tell me the price is wrong and he didn't even know the correct price but he would sell me the 3 year for 450.

I just left: email sent to complain.

Don't show me one price only to take it away. 2nd the three year warranty is only one year longer than factory which leads me to question te quality if they think it cost 450 for
just one more year f coverage. I want a 10 plus year tractor.
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Also noticed the kohler pro engine was either an early model or a replacement. As both mowers in the store said kohler courage. Engine year was 2008.

I had looked at a new model in a sears store to which they all said
pro and nothing about courage series. Looked the same minus a sticker.
Kohler Courage and Kohler Pro are the same thing for Craftsman. Its just a name gimmick. Most I've seen say Courage Pro.

If he told you that price I would have demanded it. Why would the 5 year have been a fraction of the 3 year price though?
Bait and switch!

Contact you local attorneys general. Get a printed copy of that 5 for 77.99 . Bet ya get 5 for 77.99 .
Talked with head manager. A five year extended warranty doesn't exist for a riding mower. They put in a trouble call to get the error fixed.

My thought is- the mower is a copy of
a cub cadet, correct.?. The cubs come
factory with the longer warranty. So why would I pay near 500.00 bucks when I could just move over to a pretty cun cadet.

Either way 1750 was a deal. But I have a gravely promaster gear
driven zero turn and a cub cadet 36" hydro. Along with a compact tractor. I'll wait till next year as I think the new pgt will had diff lock and I need that in the marsh area of my lower backyard.
Sounds like a good deal! The PGT9000 is a nice machine!

GGsteve, where in mass are you? I'm in ashburnham.
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