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Refinish Deck

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I have a 50" deck on my Prestige. The deck is showing signs of age, but is in great working order. The underside has a lot of surface rust, almost no paint left, but there is very little deep pitting and absolutely no flaking. The top side has some paint chipping off in spots and as a result a little rust in those areas as well.

I would like to fix up the deck, but I certainly don't feel the need to restore it to brand new condition. My plan is to:

1. Sand the underside and other spots on the top with a Cup Wire Brush and a Radial Wire Brush attached to my drill.

2. Apply some kind of rust converter.

3. Spray on a primer coat.

4. Spray Simplicity orange.

Does this seem like a good plan?

Does anyone have any suggestions about what rust converter to use? Or, is it even a necessary step?

If I use the rust converter, is the primer necessary?

Any suggestions/tips would be appreciated.

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I spent quite a bit of time restoring a bunt on walk behind 52" deck, and one thing that I learned is that the wire brushes get to a point where they just polish the rust. Pic 1 is what I started with, 2 is wire brushed ( and I thought mostly rust free), 3 is actually bare metal after sanding with flapper on angle grinder. I spent a lot of time wire brushing once before and then used rust converter, which worked pretty well but doesn't make for the nicest surface to paint and actually have the paint left after mowing. I would just sand it to begin with if I ever did a deck again.

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