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Redmax EBZ7500 weak spark

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Before I buy a new coil I though I would see if there were other suggestions.

I have an EBZ7500 that was running fine but stopped. I put a new plug in and still no spark except when I tried it with another type of plug with a narrower gap just by grounding it (different size). I tried the new plug on a a chainsaw and it had a nice spark.

Coils are a little pricey but the blower is worth it, I just do not want to spend the money if it will not solve the problem.

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Coils going out on a RedMax is rare, really rare, as in never happens. Did you try disconnecting the ground wire from the coil to see if the spark improves, could be a kill switch going south. Also for no more effort than it is pull the muffler and make sure the rings are not stuck. Usually when a RedMax stops the rings are the culprit.

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I isolated the coil by going through the typical steps. Another site suggested that heating a coil in the oven for an hour can sometimes recover a marginal unit. It now starts right up and works fine, but I know it is not a permanent fix. I have only had a couple coils fail through the years, but they are more than just a coil now (ignition module).

The nice thing is that I went through the blower and everything else looks fine. It still needs a good cleaning, but I hesitate fussing with it more now that it is running.
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