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Red or Green, what to keep?

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My dilemma is deciding which tractor to keep. By posting in the Simp/AC forum I feel certain to get unbiased opinions. I'm sure that the Deere forum will do the same.

Tractor #1, 3012 Sovereign that needs a bit of work but is a very solid tractor. This one came with cultivators, disc, moldboard plow, and 48" deck. I've not driven this in several years but I seem to recall a slow ground speed for mowing, and I mow about 1.5 acres.

Tractor #2, JD 314 with the front oil leak. No implements but the deck. The tractor runs good and mows good.

Either tractor will need a bit of work before spring to sell or to use.

Any input on why you would keep one over the other is appreciated. I really need to get rid of one and focus on the other. Tell me what you think.
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Well what is your need? If you are going to do extra work with it in a garden then the Simplicity is the way I'd go, you have everything you need to do the work. If you are just going to mow then if you have the 50 inch deck for the 314 you will have a mowing machine equal to the simplicity (OK, it won't stripe the lawn but that's easily remedied!).
you keep the JD and sell the Simplicity to me......j/k

i would keep both. cause thats just how i am.
the decision comes down to which 1 can get the most work done around the house for ya.......period.
I say, go GREEN, just to stick with more of a reputable name brand regarding parts and service.
Keep the Simplicity if you plan on doing "real work" with it. But If you just plan on light duty lawn cutting, then I guess the Deere would do. No biased at this forum! lol:ROF
If you are crafty. You could make all those attachment maybe fit the JD. I have a jd tiller and loader for my simplicity.
This is a decision that will be up to you based on what you are going to do. Contrary to some peoples opinion parts are around for both.Just mowing both will do. If you have a use for the other implements why spend more to buy something you already have. Good luck.
I can't speak the JD's mowing ability, and have no idea what exactly your're cutting. Are you mowing a golf course-like acre and a half, or pitching dust and knocking down a blend of weeds and 'grass'? I'd keep the Simplicity if you want the finer cut...either will work if you have a lawn like mine :kens:

If you're going to do garden work, again, the Simplicity by default because you have all you need. The attachments work very well and are simple to attach and unattach. They lasted 43 years, they'll last another 43 for sure. The Briggs 12 is rock solid. No worries there. I'm not a fan of the variable drive system from that era, which is most likely the reason you are noticing a slow ground speed. In HI range, they can slip, lose speed, etc. (should run over 6mph from the factory) In LO range, they are a gardener's dream for tilling, etc. Parts are easy enough to come by, and there is a suprising number of them still available through dealers (seems to be a Simplicity dealer in every burg around here).

It wouldn't be a tough call for me, but then again, I'm not partial to Deere and don't know much about them. :trink39:
If you are going to mowe 3012 all the way
Thanks for the input guys. You are repeating some of the arguments that are running through my head, and the questions.

PA318GUY, my JD deck is the 46". The mower does a fine job mowing and the implements I have require only some modifications to a sleeve hitch to be functional.(Good call Justy.) My one hesitation, just how good is the hydrostatic with ground engaging attachments?

Cityboy and TAMIKE, these are the fair and balanced ideas I expected to see, love the brand loyalty.

MR. GREEN, I will listen carefully to what you say because of your apparent love for old red tractors. (I admit I love the beauty and straight forward design.) It seems to me that if I needed parts tractors the red ones are far less expensive.

The ease of driving the hydro has some real pull on the decision, but the 'cool' factor of the older machine gets me too. Perhaps a factor should be age of the tractors, but where other than MTF can you talk about your newer tractor being only 32 years old?

Any other specific advice or outright biased opinions are welcome.:fing32:
In my experience the 314 hydro will handle anything you can throw at it. I guess I would partial to the hydro if I only had one tractor. Modify the sleeve hitch on the deere and you are set. IMO...

Of course I would keep both, but then most people believe I have to many tractors the way it is. :trink39:
The Deere is on a heavier chasis with a heavier drivetrain, though it has more expensive and complex systems to fail. The trans should pretty well be bullet proof. Do you already have the sleeve hitch for the 314? I was thinking they were a 3pt tractor? If you don't already have the hitch for the JD expect to give $200 for the sleeve hitch or $300 for the 3pt. As for the Simplicity so far you can still get most of the BGB parts from Simplicity and engine parts from Briggs. OEM Mufflers, fuel tanks, and body parts are NLA through Simplicity but there are lots of good used parts floating around on eBay. Seals and bearings are usually generic and easy to find. I think the Simplicity should run at least 7-8mph if the variable is functioning properly.
I say, go GREEN, just to stick with more of a reputable name brand regarding parts and service.
Boy I disagree with this comment.
this is a good question...
I would have to keep both as well... but... JD seems to bring a lot of $ so if you were to sell it you would make out better than with the simplicity...

the manual transmission on the simplicity is bullet proof in my opinion...
as long as you fully stop and wait for transmission to stop spinning when you change gears... (have clutch brake adjusted properly will help with this)
it also is a very powerful puller.

I think original top speed is 5.7MPH on the 3 speed variable

did we hear what transmission your simplicity has?
The 3012 was only available in a variable, so the 3-speed with the variable pulley set is the tranny in question.

Hey wildcat, does either machine have a hydro lift?
I say, go GREEN, just to stick with more of a reputable name brand regarding parts and service.
Is this based on a personal experience, or just an off the cuff opinion?
MRGREEN, both have hydro lift. I don't think the 3012 has outlets front or back but everything can apparently run from the existing hydro. The 3012 has the standard Simplicity modified 3 point hitch which works right along with the deck lift hydraulics.

The 314 is an H1 with outlets in front. The314 can function either as sleeve or 3ph. I have neither, and I'm seeing prices of $225 - $250 for the sleeve hitch. Because of those prices I would have a local design and welding genius build mine from scratch.

To add fuel to the fire, I can convert the 314 to H3 for $150, assuming the parts tractor hasn't yet been sold.

Lylelacock, you may be unfamiliar with the Simplicity brand, or simply concerned about continuing availability of parts, but in 1968 when this 3012 was built the tractor was the top of the line in a brand that was the cream of the crop. IMHO
I overestimated the speed when I stated 7-8mph. The max was 6.6mph according to the original specs. I know sometimes these tractors were underrated. My HB-212 was rated at 7.2 mph yet it will nearly keep up with our 9 mph Ferris ZT in a race.
Thanks to everyone for the replies. I'll let you know how I go with this.:thThumbsU
I overestimated the speed when I stated 7-8mph. The max was 6.6mph according to the original specs. I know sometimes these tractors were underrated. My HB-212 was rated at 7.2 mph yet it will nearly keep up with our 9 mph Ferris ZT in a race.
I hear ya 3212H will FLY...put wings onthat thing and I'm certain it would take flight :fing02: Those Vickers setups can lay some stripes in a big hurry!
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