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Record Snowfall Season

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Seeing the large amount of snow in Cordova, Alaska reminded me of the record year for snowfall at our local Mt Baker. Do a google search. The pic is along the road to the ski area.

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Unless there is a cliff on the other side of the road I bet they do not have much use for plows in that area. :D
Here is some of the equipment. They use plows till it gets to deep. Check the pics on Flickr, just page newer or older arrows. They are clearing the road, which goes thru the ski area, to Artist point which is higher up in these pics.

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Now that is a real snow blower! :cool:

Kind of funny though how even they still have a little shear pin that brings it to a stop. I imagine he must carry a box of spare pins with him at all times.
yea the sheer pin is for if he hits a car!!!:thThumbsU
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