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Good day, gents. I gotta paint the garage doors again this spring. Last painted about 7 or 8 years ago, and is now starting to crack. Live in PA. These doors are in the sun most of the day, mostly from 11 a.m. to sundown. In short, they are in the sun A LOT!!! Last painted with some proprietary paint from Ace Hardware called "Clark and Kensington". I'm just asking y'all what exterior paints you have had good luck with, especially now since Sherwin and Williams is gobbling up all the good paint companies - Finnaren & Haley, MAB, Pratt & Lambert. I do not much care for the junk at Lowes, that Valspar stuff. Yuck. Coverage is awful. So what is your "go-to" paint these days? Thank you, gents. Hot Ajax
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