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Recoil starting problems with 5269D Lawnboy

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Hello - ever since I picked up this model 5269D White top Lawnboy it's had, what I considered an extremely short rope pull. The other Lawnboys that I run have a longer rope, but since the 5269D always started Ok - I just left it alone. A few weeks ago I was showing it off to my BIL and when I pulled it over it just slipped and didn't engage. It recoiled fine, but I could only get to engage about every fourth time or so, or if I changed the angle of my pull. I removed the recoil assembly and checked the plastic gear and the spring clip on the shaft all held on by an E clip. Since I don't really know what I'm looking at, is it possible that the plastic gear on the spiral shaft is worn and is slipping or something more involved? I would also like to get the correct diameter and length of pull rope. The spring tension appears to be OK - so I don't believe the spring is broken.


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Another thing to check is the starter pinion spring.If that's buggered up or not installed correctly,rope won't engage well.
Info for starter:
It cranks!

Since I last posted (not counting my senior moment this morning), I managed to snap off the aluminum tab that holds the coiled spring during a trial "wind the spring, wind the rope and crank the mower" session. I still have no idea how I did it? I ordered a new aluminum shaft plate and recoil spring. As soon as the mail lady was headed down the road this afternoon - I was headed to the shop with my collection of new parts. I'm relieved to say that the re-install was pretty straight forward, although I did carry on quite a conversation with myself during the process. It now cranks smooth and catches the flywheel every time - like it's supposed to. In addition to my new Lawnboy parts - I also ended up with 3 rolls of new starter rope - all Stens. But the best part is that I also learned about and repaired something and that ALWAYS feels good.

The advice, suggestions, and reference help from you fellow Lawnboy lovers really made the difference and I'm very grateful to all of you. Thank you - until next time.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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