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Recoil starting problems with 5269D Lawnboy

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Hello - ever since I picked up this model 5269D White top Lawnboy it's had, what I considered an extremely short rope pull. The other Lawnboys that I run have a longer rope, but since the 5269D always started Ok - I just left it alone. A few weeks ago I was showing it off to my BIL and when I pulled it over it just slipped and didn't engage. It recoiled fine, but I could only get to engage about every fourth time or so, or if I changed the angle of my pull. I removed the recoil assembly and checked the plastic gear and the spring clip on the shaft all held on by an E clip. Since I don't really know what I'm looking at, is it possible that the plastic gear on the spiral shaft is worn and is slipping or something more involved? I would also like to get the correct diameter and length of pull rope. The spring tension appears to be OK - so I don't believe the spring is broken.


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Yes RfWi, that is what I was thinking as well. If that spring, or clip, is opened up, or bent too large, and/or installed incorrectly it will mess things up for sure. Just remember that the open end will straddle the thin cast metal of the mag plate when installed correctly, and that is really what kicks the pinion gear into the flywheel. If that clip (spring) doesn't hold the pinion gear tight enough it will never move inboard and down the spiral pulley and fully engage the flywheel teeth...and it kinda needs to do that with authority, otherwise it will grind gears, or not engage at all.
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