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Rebuilt my B21 backhoe, do I need to bleed air ?

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A line blew to the arm ram in my backhoe so I replaced all the lines in unit, sorta the rule of thumb when you have it that torn apart.

I got it all back together and I can't find my manual for the tractor since my wife left.

Do I need to bleed the air in the lines or will the air find its way back to the oil resevoir without damaging the seals in the rams ?

Thanks in advance.
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Welcome aboard greeskin.
You've probably already got it figured out but you shouldn't have to manually bleed the hydro fluid. Generally to "self bleed" the hydraulics, run the implement(s) to it's extremes a couple times. In your case, extend and retract the dipperstick, the bucket cylinder, swing the BH, etc. They might be alittle jerky at 1st but after cycling them a couple times the force of the rams should move the air on down to the sump and smooth things out.
Good luck and let us know.
a couple questions for you,
How long did it take to swap all the lines out and did you go w/OEM or custom made? Just curious. :D
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