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Rebuilding hydraulics and have some questions

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So, I am rebuilding the pump/cylinder on my '48 8N and ran across a few things that I don't fully understand. Take a look at the associated pictures…

1. Am I correct in thinking the control arm should be STRAIGHT? Art

2. The draft control pin is broken (probably explains #1) and the Steiner girl says its a .490" dia pin, but I can only find 1/2" and 5/16". Which one is correct? Metal Auto part Wood

3. The pump control valve had a "button plug" on the end of the intake valve. However, mine had been replaced with a regular washer. Is this acceptable? If not, where can I find one? It's #27 in the pic.
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Control arm being bent is common, straighten it and as for the cam follower pin 5/16 drill bit is what is use. They are harder and last longer even though there are those that say it will wear out the cam. If the cam wears I can build it back up with bronze rods and a torch or if really want to get fancy build it up with nickle rods.

The washer will work fine.
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Awesome. Thanks for the information.
Before you go and grind down a drill bit make sure to confirm that its the proper diameter

I rebuilt my hydraulics last winter and just went to the store and bought a 5/16 bit, cut it down and when i went to install it i found out that the hole was larger than 5/16

i forget what size bit i ended up using from my drill index to fix the issue but still wasted like $5 on a bit for nothing
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I mic'd what is left of the pin and it checks out at .3085". I'll check the hole with a plug gauge once I get the pin out.
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