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Rebuilding front pto

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Has anyone taken apart and re installed a case 446
front pto? I took mine off while doing the repower. But even using the manual I must be missing something because I can't get everything to tighten down right and at the same time leave enough space between the clutch and plate.
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My manual directed me to insert a screwdriver into the timing hole and engage the flywheel to hold it in place. But this was on a 14hp K321 Kohler. I'm not sure how brittle the Onan flywheels are but I don't think you're supposed to put a whole lot of torque on the flywheel in this particular operation. Nearly all the parts tighten against each other. (I'm sure you knew that CP7 but I'm saying it for the benefit of the OP).

On the EZ adjust, if this is what you have - my advice is to make sure that you have what is referred in the manual as "spacers" in the correct orientation and make sure that those spacers come together to straddle the "adjusting nut" (the inner one, not the more outer adjusting nut guide) once you tighten down on the whole assembly. If you posted a picture of your clutch, someone on here will probably be able to tell you what the problem is in no time.
Another thing - use the correct 1 3/4" wrench for the adjusting nut guide as it is usually the first thing to break. If you do happen to break something or the bearings are worn out, replacements available from Brian H)

I had some difficulty with my "EZ" clutch the first time, but as others say, once you figure it out once, you're set.
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