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Rebuilding front pto

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Has anyone taken apart and re installed a case 446
front pto? I took mine off while doing the repower. But even using the manual I must be missing something because I can't get everything to tighten down right and at the same time leave enough space between the clutch and plate.
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Might be that whoever was in it before you didn't get it right.
Like Brian said get the pieces like in the picture exactly and follow the directions. But the one thing the directions omit :banghead3 and had me baffled when I was first doing one is to hold the flywheel. I've got a spanner wrench I slip in the screen. Make sure the slots in the two cams are offset.
You don't say if your is the old style or the EZ Adjust but here's a pic of the EZ on a Kohler.

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