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Rear Rims for Ford 2120

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I am looking for a set of rear rims for my 2120. I have the bigger tire option (14.9-26). So I am looking for a set 12x26 rims. I am not sure what the correct name for the style is but the centers bolt to the rim in 6 places at some "z" shaped tabs. I found new rims at my local dealer but at $1173 each that is not an option...OUCH! I have been able to find some loop style rims, but am not sure that they will bolt to my current centers. I can not find any loop style centers that will fit my tractor. I also thought of getting some blank style rims and cutting the "z" shaped tabs from my old rims and welding to the new ones. I also have feelers out to every tractor salvage yard I could think of. It seems that a 12x26 "z" tab or bracket style rim is hard to come by. I know these style rims where installed on thousands of Japanese made CUTs. I can not be the only person to have to replace rims. I know somewhere in this great forum there will be an answer!
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Take some pictures of what you have, maybe I can comment based on my recent tim replacement.

Found a good set of used rims from SSB Tractor. Orderd one day received the next. Now to get them swapped out. Not going to put the calcium back in however. Gonna try something else. Have to see what is available.
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