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Rear Push Blade for a 316

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I have an old blade from a 1974 Sears tractor - several years ago I made a mount so I could use it with the manual 3 point hitch on my '67 Sears.

Now that I have a 316, I am going to use it on that tractor, so I made some collars to attach the center lift bar and a lower mount so the blade can pivot up and down.

This is a test fit for now - there is still work to do...


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Very nice work do you have any type of skid shoes for it? You may need to find some or have them fabed up for you. Just thinking out loud here when backing up without the skid shoes you may find that the blade will want to dig in and stop you from reversing. slkpk
The bottom edge of the blade has an angled piece bolted to it - so there is roughly an inch wide "bar" of flat surface for the blade to ride on. It worked fine on my other tractor. The trick is to mount it so that when the blade is lowered, the angled piece is flat on the ground.

If you don't get the initial angle (mounting) right, it will either have a tendency to dig in as you mention, or ride up over what you are trying to push.

If I do anything, it would probably be to raise the angled piece slightly (relative to the ground) and bolt a strip of UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight polyethylene) so the blade won't leave scrape marks on the driveway.

Oh - and I really like your 4-wheel wagon in your avatar. I have an old rusty white 2-wheel wagon that I need to clean up and "John Deereize". Got any up close pics of your wagon?
Thanks for the compliment on the wagon. slkpk
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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