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I have a 1970 or 72 Raider 10 (can't remember exact year now) and it is buried in
the garage (can't get to it until spring). But, I think any similar tractor will have the
same cable lift system. You likely can see an illustration on, just plug in
your tractors model number from the build plate under the dash (not "Raider 10").
It should show you a breakdown of the tractor.

Second question: answer is "yes" the plow will fit your Raider 10.
(providing it is a standard A-frame plow. (they made A-frame for horizontal
engine wheel horses)(Vertical engine plow frames were a bit different)
Don't forget you will need the rear "quick attach" hitch for the plow to hang off the rear axle.

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whats a rear quick attach hitch???
Sorry you did not get a reply earlier. I missed this.

Back in 1970 a new dozer blade came in 2 packages. The quick hitch and blade was in one and the A-frame in another. Go to
and look at model number 6-9622. The quick hitch is in the top left corner of the illustration.

This hitch stays on the tractor if the dozer blade is removed so many used blade assemblies end up sold without the quick hitch - it's still on the tractor.
The same hitch is used with a rear tiller or a late model grader blade and each attachment came with one when new.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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