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I have come across a new set of rear tractor tires already mounted on rims from a New Holland 1520. They are the right size; the rims are the right width, BUT....I have a Satoh 650G, and the centerline of its 6-lug pattern is on a 6" diameter, while the 6-lug pattern of the New Holland rims are on a 7" diameter. In addition, the center hole on the 650G is 4-1/4" diameter, while the New Holland is 4-3/4" diameter.

The Satoh uses a slip collar that goes into the center hole of the rim and bolts to the axle. Does anyone know if an adapter exists that a) provides a spacer to go from the 4-1/4" to the 4-3/4" diameter center hole and b) go from the 6" diameter lug pattern to the 7" pattern?

Alternatively, is it a) feasible to drill new lug holes in both rims if I carefully lay them out and b) fabricate some sort of spacer to fill the gap from the 4-1/4" to 4-3/4" hole?

I realize I may end up just demounting my current tires and the new ones, and then re-mounting them on my existing rims. I just hate to de-mount perfectly good rims if I could make them work without spending a fortune.

I have attached a photo of the Satoh for reference, along with a pic of the New Holland rim and tire. Unfortunately, the New Holland rims don't have loops.



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