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Working on "Pat" a bit yesterday. Looks like the leaking hub is fixed for now... since these seals are famious for wearing quickly. As some may remember from my last post about the PTO installation, the next thing on the list was this seal.

I posted this picture as a teaser.... Everyone knows I like pictures.:fing32:

As I went along I took some pictures to show just what the seal change was really like. I was OK taking pictures when I was taking it apart (I shoot pictures so I have something to refer back to when I forget how I took it apart :D Like my auto shop teacher said when doing drum brakes you have the otherside to look at....)

Honestly the two hard parts were getting the hub/disc brake off and getting the old seal out... You will want to have a puller, snap ring pliers, a tool that pulls inside seals.

Sorry I guess this was my first picture. I used my puller to get the hub off. It looks like a tappered shaft with a key way. There is a castle nut with cotter key.

Here is a picture of the key, it is kind of unique... maybe it isn't? I do not see shaft keys every day. :dunno:

Once the hub is off this is what you see... The felt ring that was talked about in a recent post. That cap also needs to come off. I worked a slotted screwdriver in the groove, twisting the point, to pry it off working my way around the axle.

Once the cap was off my heart sank... I thought that this WAS the seal, and that I had the wrong one... closer inspection showed that it was years of grease that had formed in this shape...

At this point I was a bit taken back, John Deere refers to the seal in this axle as an external seal... so back at I go. All I can see is the bearing and two snap rings... Larger one aroung the outside of the bearing and a smaller one on the shaft. (you can see the larger one in this picture - plier holes on the right)

Here is the smaller snap ring. ***NOTE*** to change the seal this ring does not need to be removed.... It is maddening when they stretch... don't ask me how I know, but it involves a trip to the dealer. :banghead3

After having the air blue with a few bursts and a plastic dead blower hammer we are on to the next snap ring.... Yes there is one more. This time it is exactly like the large one that was removed from the outside of the bearing. Hey and look there is a seal in here....:p

Well this is where things take a turn... and the camera gets forgotten...:hide:
It was not pleasent to get the seal out. I actually made a tool for the job, made out of a long carriage bolt and two of my largest sockets... kind of a slide hammer. (the things we come up with on the fly... :D)

Once everything was out I did find the camera. Here is the old and the new seal along with the packaging showing the part number.

Here are all the parts laid out. couple pictures...

This turned out to be not a difficult job at all. Need the correct tools though. I do not know what I would have done with out my puller and snap ring pliers... beg, borrow or steal... (well only borrow) these tools before you start it will make it much easier. For the snap ring tool you will only need the one that you compress the ring to remove it, it you are shopping for one.

Hope this helps the next guy that has to change the leaking seal in the old 140.

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Thanks for documenting this - I have the same job to look forward to on my 69' 140. I most likely would have done fine, but it's always nice to have a "preview" when tackling something for the first time.

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