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I've got a rear transaxle out of a 222 that I'm inspecting/cleaning before using it in a custom build.

It's in great shape except the brake shaft seal is gone. Like really gone. Gone to the point where the rubber is worn to a ring and separated from the steel outer.

I'd rather just hop down to my local supplier on monday rather than order online and wait. BUt I need a part number to cross up to a substitute. They'll likley have the seal, just not as a Case part.

I've done a little digging and it looks like the Case C24803 number crosses up to an SKF 11801 number, but that's just from looking at manufacturers PDF's available online:


Anyone have a substitute number for the case part number? I'd really rather show up with a couple part numbers rather than the old rathced seal and the parts guy digging through hundreds of boxes to try and find a match....
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