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Really supported my local Dealer today.

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I figured with everything else I've fixed and replaced on my free5232, that a new blade was in order. Especially seeing I want to bag with it now, at times. Went to the same dealer who gave me the mower (and where I get 95% of all my new parts - LB and others) to get the new blade.
As always he had it in stock, last one though. It says Lawn Boy right on it stamped on grass side. P/N LAW 603409-03 18.94" blade, It was $33.80! I about choked but still bought it. What the heck, the darn mower runs so good and is in great shape what's $30 bucks?
While, there I looked at all the new lawn boys and other mowers he had and could not believe how freakin' heavy the new ones are. I told my son we're spoiled with out oldie and how light it is!

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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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