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Really supported my local Dealer today.

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I figured with everything else I've fixed and replaced on my free5232, that a new blade was in order. Especially seeing I want to bag with it now, at times. Went to the same dealer who gave me the mower (and where I get 95% of all my new parts - LB and others) to get the new blade.
As always he had it in stock, last one though. It says Lawn Boy right on it stamped on grass side. P/N LAW 603409-03 18.94" blade, It was $33.80! I about choked but still bought it. What the heck, the darn mower runs so good and is in great shape what's $30 bucks?
While, there I looked at all the new lawn boys and other mowers he had and could not believe how freakin' heavy the new ones are. I told my son we're spoiled with out oldie and how light it is!

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How about weighing your 5232?
I don't know if, when Lawn-Boy created the following weight chart, whether they defined "Curb Weight" to include no fuel,
or a half tank, or a full tank. Automotive publications did not all use the same "curb weight" over the last 50 years. So unless we accurately weigh one these listed models and compare that weight with their weight, we can only speculate about what "curb weight" definition they used. Every 21 ounces of gas-oil mix weighs about 1 pound. So that's the fuel-weight adjustment factor. I think I've read Lawn-Boy weights run from 48 pounds to about 100 pounds.

The most easily reduced weight area on early low-weight machines appears to be their steel handle. Some stiff but light aluminum tubing used to make lawn furniture might be suitable donor material. I speculate that a magnesium 19-inch deck with aluminum muffler and aluminum replacement handle might approach 45 pounds if a steel handle model exists which weighs only 48 pounds. I'd like to try to assemble parts to make the lightest-possible weight Lawn-Boy with the only compromises that it also includes the quietest muffler and intake silencer.

I can tell you that cordless electric mowers are pretty heavy "pooches," typically around 75 pounds with their batteries.
Corded electrics are much lighter. To make a fair comparison, we should find a 19-inch corded electric since the lightest Lawn-Boys may cut 19 inch swaths.
An 18-inch Black & Decker corded electric is described on Amazon as weighing 35 pounds.
A 19-inch electric version of the same design would weigh more, perhaps 37 pounds. To make a fair mechanical-work comparison, we should add in some cord weight which corded electric mower users must drag around. Pulling that sliding rather than rolling weight probably adds at least 25% to user mechanical work load. So speculatively, 37# times 1.25 = 46#. User mechanical-work advantage may go to the light Lawn-Boy. Fun mind candy.

If we determine how Lawn-Boy defined "Curb Weight" and discussion participants submit a bunch of additional model values, I'm willing to update and expand this list by merging the new values in model-numerical order with these company-provided values, then post it with its address as a nice discussion-group resource. I posted this version here :
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