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Really Loud mower??

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Hey all,

I found a (50") mower for my 1054, but when I hooked it up it sounded like an airplane and started shaking the whole tractor a bunch?? I checked the gear box and it seems to be spinning free and smooth. Anyone had the same problem?? Obviously the whole mounting system on them is going to rattle a bit but this thing is LOUD??

Thanks ALL!!
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Bearings for the spindles?
I got new ones for my 42 inch deck at an auto parts place.
I got sealed Timkin bearings and cut 1 of the seals out on each bearing to and put new grease zerks in the tops.

Take 1 spindle apart and bring the bearing to your local Tractor supply or automotive parts place "Napa" and have them match it up.

They'll run you about $8.00 each

Don't cheap out of buying all 6 bearings you'll regret it later.

The smaller decks 32 and 38 inch had smaller diameter spindle shafts don't know if it's the same VS 42 to 50 inch

And also the smaller decks have smaller pulleys on the gear box and the spindles.

If it's shaking the whole tractor like painfull when you hold the steering wheel then it's the U-Joints in the driveshaft or the gear box is messed up or possibly the front PTO bearings are worn out or Dry.

Things to check.
#1 check for play in the front PTO and give it a couple pumps of grease.
#2 grab the driveshaft and check for up and down/side to side movement.
#3 Take the deck off and take the belt off of the spindles and see if any feel rough or extremely sloppy.
Only do this if you haven't found the problem in 1-3
(Warning you're gona get dirty for this part)
#4 While the deck is off and belt is off take the 4 bolts that hold the gear box out "should be 2 on back side and 2 underneath" If the deck has the rear plate of the gear box welded take the 2 bolts underneath and the 4 for the rear plate off "you can use gasket maker if you tear the gasket"
Take a look for missing teeth or rounded off teeth on both gears once you have it apart.

If the gearbox is shot they will interchange from any tube frame bolens deck.You might have to change the pulley on the botom if you use one of the small deck boxes.
They also sell these really cheap on Ebay.$5-$15 + shipping
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