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Really Loud mower??

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Hey all,

I found a (50") mower for my 1054, but when I hooked it up it sounded like an airplane and started shaking the whole tractor a bunch?? I checked the gear box and it seems to be spinning free and smooth. Anyone had the same problem?? Obviously the whole mounting system on them is going to rattle a bit but this thing is LOUD??

Thanks ALL!!
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What is the model # of the deck? Bolens never made a 50" tube frame deck. My guess is that your bearings are on their way out. Did you grease your spindles? Is there oil in the gear box? At worst, you will have to tear down the deck and do a rebuild.

I belive they do. I ordered a set from sonnys at one point, though that was the last time I will ever be doing business with them. I know that has them, that is probably where I will order my next set from.

1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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