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re-power ss 16

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Hi everybody,I am thinking about a re-power on my 77 sub,16 hp onan. would like a 16 or 18 hp that will bolt up without modification,is it possible? What about a B&S Vanguard? I heard of a Honda kit but can't find any info. thanks KennY
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Try No other motor will fit plug and play exactly like the Onans but the kits work well. Roger
You can "make" just about anything work---but it ain't that easy.Wiring,shaft size,etc.
briggs opposed twins fit pretty good...
I vote chevy small block...
I talked to the guys S.E.W. a while back, they couldn't help me. thanks
how about a brand new onan P 218 short block?
e/mai or call 651 437 2826
thank you. boomer (the used onan engine parts guy)
I'm looking at a Lifan 15hp clone Honda from home depot online. $329 with electric start and 18A charging system. Some, if not most only offer a 3A system. I think this would be a much better option than the HF Predators that are out now. Any opinions?? If you are going to run lights, I'm betting you're going to need this bigger charging system the Lifan has.
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I am on the boarder or re powering or rebuilding the onan that's in my ss16. If the money is put forth for an Onan rebuild I think that engine would last a long time. However I am not very well versed in Onans. I may be contacting boomer about that short block. I also have the same onan on a miller 260 welder that runs like no body's business. I am sure the Honda clones and all have good reputations. The main question is do you want something that is pure stock or something that is new and may have a better chance of starting/running when you need it. I think I am going to do the rebuild on the Onan. The motor smokes pretty bad now so I am sure it will need at least rings and valves. However, the last time I had it running the motor had an incredible amount of power. I would say that v twin had more power then the 17hp kaw I have in the John Deere 325. I resently moved from the farm to a house closer to work that has 1/2 acre of lawn. I have been using my gravely pro8 with the 30 inch bush hog attachment this year. I have been reading through the forums and I really want to get the ss16 running. I have the mower deck, garden plow, disc and cultivators. I would like to get a front blade and a rear blade in the future, after I get the motor squared away. Anyway thanks for listening to me rant.

All the best,
J.R. in VA
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Hi J R, I will probably do a ring & valve job. I have 2 onans and both need it. I also need to talk to Boomer if I tear it down and don't like what find. I saw a Roper on CL with a 18 hp vanguard on it but I didn't get to talk to the owner about it, thats where I got the idea. good luck Kenny
Call Jim at He may know.
Onans are awesome. period.
Looking to do the same thing but not having much luck finding an engine. Not enough money right now to buy new or even some of the good rebuilt ones and good used is hard to find. Anyone have any used parts for the BF MS Onan?
what do you need?
Gonna need rod and piston for sure maybe more after I clean everything up.
I haven't tried these short blocks but they might be worth looking at.
Wow! 990 dollars!
Wow! 990 dollars!
Yep, it is a lot of money to throw into an old tractor but you never know who will be willing to pay it.
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