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Hi everybody.

I have a Snapper Comet that my family bought new in '72 give or take a year. I remember the day we went to the hardware store and bought it. Around 76-78, the engine was run low on oil, and the original Tecumseh was burned up. When we opened it up, we discovered that the camshaft was a tooth or two out of time. I suppose that explains why it was so incredibly hard to start. Anyway, it was cheaper to install a new Briggs & Stratton than to repair the original engine.

We used that mower until about '84 and it was parked.

Two weeks ago, I got tired of tripping over it so I decided to see if I could make it run again. It had good compression but no spark. I installed points, plug, and a condenser, and it'd run from a shot of ether. Encouraged, I snatched off the carb, disassembled it, dipped the parts, and put it back together with a new gasket kit. The old beast LIVES. I actually mowed the grass with it! Since then, I installed a new driven disk, belt, spindle bearings, deck brake, and aux brake band.

I like having my old Snapper running again. I've mowed with it twice now and it brings back a lot of memories. I got a lot of pointers from reading on this forum, so I thought I'd join up to ask questions, express appreciation for the posts I've already read, and maybe contribute some of what I learn from working on my machine.

Now that it's running, I'm thinking about trying to restore it to its former appearance. Today, I bought two Snapper RER's off the online classifieds. One has a newly new 12 HP Briggs I/C and a broken axle, the other is supposedly a "parts machine". I may make one machine from two, or get the "parts tractor" running and sell it to recover some funds, then replace my broken axle in the 12 HP version. I'm going to start opening them up to see what's good and what's bad on them.


PS Please excuse the occasional dumb question. I'm new to working on mowers and small engines...
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