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rattle can paint tips (needed)

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painted the stx38.

do you guys do anything after the paint job other than wax it?

shine looks good but not sure if i should buff it..

any tips appreciated...
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I'd let it set a minimum of a week and closer to two or three weeks if possible before trying to put wax on it.
KATT sees all posts sooner or later

For a guy that doesn't wax a tractor he's right on. I have noticed JD Paint cures very slowly. I didn't touch my deck for over 2 weeks or longer !!

Here are some possibilities.

Some guys clear coat it.( one of the guys did a 112L? beautifully) I don't, because touch up would be more difficult later. And sometimes it "lifts" the JD paint.( doubt it would if let to cure long enough).
Use a MILD buffing material ( I use Maguire's) it smoothes out the little dust bumps and give a deeper shine.
Then I do use KLASSE sealant but just ICE it and you'll be fine. ( don't forget to ICE everything including the semi flat black parts )
Hope this helped !! :thThumbsU
You must know by now:wwp::eek:mg::wwp::goodl::wwp::ROF:wwp:

Toscani.. I was looking for your thread to show him, took me a while to find it !!
You did a beautiful job and I wanted him to see it !!

Like I said seems JD paint take even longer to cure I've been told on automobile paint you should wait 6 months for wax
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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