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Ranch King

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I just picked this Ranch King up. Drove 2hrs there to get and 2hrs back. The seller wanted $100 for it. When I handed him 5- 20s he handed me 1 back and said he would like to help pay for the gas since I drove so far.😁 It is in really nice condition. Everything works fine, It didn't come with a deck or 3pt hardware. He said he bought it to haul horse manure out of the barns. I would like to find a deck. If any one has an extra lying around please reach out. I have a White GT2055 parts tractor if someone wants to barter parts for deck. I am not even sure of the size of the deck that's
supposed to be on it, and does anyone no the year of this. Thanks for your interest.
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Nice nab! You might want to put up a notice in the For Sale Wanted to Buy forum that you are looking for a deck for it. Nice of the guy to help with the gas, you run into decent folks all around.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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