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Rake N' Grade

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Any one heard of the Rake n' Grade for LT/GT's?

That link shows it in use. I could really use something like that round my place and have most of the material to make one. They are selling them on ebay for around $250. Looks pretty nifty anyways.


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Ja, it looks like a good simple design. $250 does seem a bit steep though.

I've been thinking about making a harrow rake similar to that using large concrete nails as they are a hard steel that resists bending.

I've also thought of making a a harrow rake using a length of chain link fence with wood 4x4 cross pieces drilled out to receive large spikes. One could vary the length and number of spikes to suit the job at hand.
Their assembly video shows a lot more detail of how it's constructed. It also shows that the drawbar is a weak point prone to bending.
How do you mean prone to bending?
If you watch the whole video, you can see that before assembly, the drawbar is perfectly straight. Later, there is an obvious bend where the two braces come together. The bend is also apparent in the "Google is your friend" pic I linked to.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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