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Raised bed forming

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I have recently found a large-scale means of making raised growing beds, these seem to be primarily for carrots and the like, but it's got me wondering:
Instead of a hiller/furrower, what about something like this to go behind a tiller? Maybe have a chain drive to the roller to spin it.
I have very shallow, high clay soil here, and something that gives me more growing depth would be welcome.
The video below gives the best overview of operation.
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Cool machine, but a tiller even with a roller on it, I don't think will make hilled beds like that. You still have to get the dirt hilled before you roll it. IMO:fing32:
Troy Bilt gave me that winged contraption with my Horse tiller.

It does a great job of hilling a garden.

A quick rake pull over the top and it will grow plants as good as that fancy video machine.
All that machine is is a tiller with a roller on the back.
I'd like to get a hiller to put on my Horse, I never seem to have the money, or at least have the money when I'm thinking about getting one.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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