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Raise a stink or no?

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I looks like the guys who assembled my new LT 2000 didn't attach one of the retaining pins securing the mowing deck. This allowed the metal brace piece that holds the deck to the tractor to fall off and it was riding on one of the belt pulleys. The spinning pulley ate a nice chunk out of the metal. I put the brace back, replaced the pin, and the deck and pulley seems to be ok.

Should I ask them to send a service tech out to make sure no damage was done, or should I just be happy I found it and that everything looks ok? Any opinions about this?

Thanks! Nice forum by the way.
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I would say you are entitled to a service call, and should take advantage of it. Why should you mow with a damaged part due to their negligence?

And welcome, BTW.
I think I'd call them and have them make it right.
I would make the call. People cannot improve if you don't critique.
Thanks gents. I'll ask them to come and take a look.
seems to hav ehappened a few times lately. i am thinking maybe they have the same problem Deere did with the older L series machines and the pin just ain't strong enough and breaks letting the arm drop. i finally put a key ring in my L130 after about the 3rd or 4th time of it dropping the nose of the deck.

and yes, call them out. but it will be 2 weeks before they can get there and then they will either say they cannot do anything, or that they can order the part and for YOU to call them back when it comes in so they can schedule another visit in 2 more weeks.
Call 'em, you have nothing to lose.
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