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Raider 12

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I just got an old Raider 12 from a friend. I am just getting started into lawn tractors. I have an older John Deere that due to unforeseen issues I am actually enjoying working on these smaller engines.

Anywho I will probably ask alot of questions and figured I would keep it in the same thread rather than keep posting new questions.

Back to the Wheel horse.

It has an issue with losing power while running at full throttle under load or not. But if I back it down to 6/8 (approx) throttle the issue seems to go away. I am thinking its just a dirty carb. If I am wrong let me know :).

Anyway I decided since the engine has a few years/decades of dirt build up on it I would tear it down and check the rings clean the carbon and lap the valves. while taking the valve springs off I noticed the keepers are alot different than on my john deere. My john deere's keepers is a ring with a keyhole type slot that you just slide on and is fairly easy to take off and put back on with a couple of screw drivers. the keepers on this old kohler engine are completely different.
this is what i was expecting

this is what I have

while taking them off I somehow lost 2 of them. I know where I can buy more But can I get a retainer like whats in the first picture? If not whats the best way to get those little retainers in. I dont have a valve spring compressor.
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Ummm... You need a valve spring compressor! Sorry! If you keep tearing into stuff, you will use it again anyway.

Or go to Autozone, they loan tools out.
autozone doesnt carry a compressor for small engines. I guess I will just have to order one. I was just hoping that I could change the keeper and save some $$.
The one I use is the same thing you use on a Chevy V8. I got it at a farm store.
You better get a ring compressor and a set of micrometers while you're at it. And don't forget the parts washer and .. .. ... . .... .

Well, it really never ends.

lol I have the ring compressor and a parts washer. just no valve spring compressor.
there only $10.00-$12.00 bucks try northern or a auto store I know sears has them
Before I got mine I used a open wrench was a bear but gotter done
Thanks for the replies i am going to get one monday when I get paid.
I just had a thought. Has anyone used compressed air to hold the valves shut on a small engine???
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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