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Raider 12 - re-assembly started

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Hey folks,
My Raider 12 is on the path back to operation. I thought I would post some progress pics.

I've rebuilt the K321 with some extra tweaks, and had to split the case to install new shaft retaining rings. It has a five pinion limited slip diff. I bought a gallon of 80W 90 Gear Oil (API Service GL-5, GL-4, GL-3). Didn't really think about it too much, but haven't poured it in yet. Will this do?

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Looking good, nice shiny paint. I think the oil will be fine.
Re: Raider 12 - re-assembly started - OOPS!

I'm a little stumped here ... with the gear centered, both tires want to turn to the outside. I've got some pictures before disassembly, and this doesn't seem to be like that.



I will need some spacers for the new wheels.

Anybody know what's wrong with this picture?
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You mounted the tie rods on the bottom part of the spindle and they should be on the top side.
You mounted the tie rods on the bottom part of the spindle and they should be on the top side.
Correcti-mundo!! Check your B-4 picture....
Thats' why a pictorial is so important in any restro, I believe...
Sure enough, that was it .... thanks. :fing32:
any more progress?
Got held up with some details that require touching up some sheet metal on the seat/steering column piece.

BTW, I was pretty careless forgetting to drill out the rivets holding the model and s/n plate, so they were lost at the sand-blaster, along with the shift pattern indicator and everything else. I'm hoping I can find such detailed little doo-dads at the tractor show.

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Man that sucks about the SN plate. I think you could probably come out finding your other items. I wish I had the money to travel to the show I want to go bad.
A little more progress here.

I had my son count the # of pulley revolutions for each wheel revolution in each gear for Hi and Lo. There is an amazing reduction in Lo-First ... wow.

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It's looking good. sorry to hear about what happened with the sandblaster. slkpk
Re: Raider 12 - re-assembly FINISHED

This Wheelhorse is ready for another 40 years.

Whoever might have been watching this previously, I thought I'd share the final result with you. Work, remodeling a house, raising kids etc. collaborated to make this a year-long project, but it was pretty fun.
Let me tell you, that low gear is unbelievably low. Maybe I'll try pulling some tree stumps out with it.
The mower deck was picked up for $20 at the Wheelhorse show, had a good set of spindles.

For those of you who like more detail, you can find more pictures here:

AND, we picked up a 702 while at the show. I hope my son can participate in restoring this one:
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Rich, it looks REALLY good! Nice job!

Good score on the 702... I thought about picking it up, but talked myself out of it. Can't wait 'til the 2010 show!
Looks good!! and believe me--I know about the time delays fixing these things...

Maybe I'll see you thios coming year @ the show--:trink40:

Glad to see the final result. Very nicely done:thThumbsU
Glad to see the final result. Very nicely done:thThumbsU
:ditto: :ditto: slkpk
Good job on that one!!! Did that Raider come with an electric PTO clutch?
looking good, that is a 10 pinion rear :)
Very nice work. Did you say what year it was? I have a '69 Raider 12 that mows the lawn for me every couple of days. Mine has a 30 inch motor though.
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