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Raccoon Repellent

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I have had one making a mess of my corn. A couple of nights ago I went to take a shot at it. Had lots of time to take aim and "click." Had a dud shell. Even pulled the hammer back a second time and no shot. It heard the second click and took off.

Tonight when we got back from town I went out and checked. It wasn't in my good corn. It was back eating the little short stuff my wife bought. Thank you electric fence. I did take a shot, but missed. It left. I took time to fence in the section with corn, squash and green beans. This year I am going to fence the vineyard before the grapes start getting ripe. I waited last year until something got in there before putting up the electric fence.
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No damage since I put up the fence.
I'm putting up the electric this weekend - glad to hear of good results from the effort as raccoons are always around here with their families and friends.

thanks for the info!

I forgot to mention that I use a constant fence charger, not the pulsing kind. They don't seem to work as well. I put the bottom wire about four inches off the ground and the second wire about ten inches. Good luck.
RDR, where did you find your continuous charger? I used to have one, but lightening took it out. I bought it at Tractor Supply (actually it was Farm and Fleet back then) but now they only carry the pulse chargers which are pretty much useless for garden defence.

As far as '***** go, I have shot one that came up on me and my daughter last weekend and trapped four more during the week.
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I've been getting them at McCoy's lumber supply. I used to get them at TSC until they quit carrying the Superbee. I don't like any of the others they have and found one at McCoy's that looks and works like the Superbee. It doesn't have the light to show it is working, but no problem.
Thanks. I don't have McCoys here in WV. I'll see if I can order one online. Say, you wouldn't be near Corpus Christi would you? I used to live down that way in Rockport/Fulton. My brother still lives in Flour Bluff.
I'm south of El Campo. Been to Corpus a couple of times. Had a good time there in a 300 lap endurance race. Came in second with a 1983 Olds Cutlass wagon.

Since some of the grapes are starting to turn and it can't get in the corn, two nights ago it started eating grapes. I continued around the vineyard from the garden fence last night with electric fence posts. I got the wire up tonight. I put the bottom wire 5" off the ground and the second 12". When I finished freezing corn I went out and checked about 9:30. No **** in the vineyard.

I use 3/8" re-bar cut to 4' lengths. I got 40 posts for $25.00. That is a lot cheaper the TSC. I stuck one in a crack last night. It went down three and a half feet before it stopped. Tonight they said no rain for another ten days.
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No **** it the vineyard last night. I did put a live trap outside the fence with some corn in it. I know a guy that wants it to cook. I tasted some over 30 years ago and didn't like it. IT DIDN'T TASTE LIKE CHICKEN.
Apples are also good '**** bait. As an added benefit, you sometimes catch a groundhog.
I just had good luck catching Racoons in a box trap.Marshmallows they love them.I was catching one a night for awhile.
Darn thing got inside last night and got in the corn. I found a couple of places I had the bottom wire a little high. Also it is so dry here it might not be getting zapped. I almost forgot until writing this, I need to get the gun and flashlight and make a tour.
I keep the charger in a red plastic tool box. I sprayed the grass with Poast that only kills grass and not broad leaf. Had some leftover from spraying under the grape vines. It has only been one day and not doing much yet.

Second pic is the south east side. Third is west side. I worked up the west side to get ready for a winter garden. Hasn't rained since I did it so no grass or weed seed coming up. After the grapes are done I'll water it if it doesn't rain. Need to get the weeds and grass to come up so I can disc them under.


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RDR , I am going to make a trip to Nada soon and would love to come by and see your vinyard if you don't mind. How's that for inviting myself. I have been wanting enough vines to make a batch of wine each year. There may be a way to clone some vines from tip cuttings. It could be a good thing for both of us if we could work out a trade. Let me know. Thanks and good luck on the *****. I have a 50 mile charger and 1.5 miles of fence and I still can't keep them out. Live traps are the best bet.
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I'm leaving on a trip Sunday morning and hope to be back 7/14. Give me a call at 979-541-7513. I turn it on when I get up and off when I get off the pc.
It took almost a month to get the **** in the trap. Yesterday I was going out to get the trap, giving up on catching the ****. I guess it finally got hungry enough to go for the corn. No problems with four legged critters in the vineyard.
Found a dead rabbit in the fence yesterday morning. They don't bother anything around here so far. Oh well.
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