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Afternoon all,

I know that this is not related to racing, BUT, the racing community knows how to make something better or where to get the stuff to make something better. Essentially I am looking for knowledge. Not new to wrenching or fabricating but new to tractors.

Over in the Husky/Dixon thread there are a few of us that are having a problem with our Husky R322Ts AWD. When we try to go up a hill (30 degrees - see below) the mower will stop and start to shudder.

Little background:
**10 hours on the machine (going in for service - filling trans with 20/50 AMSOIL per their recommendation)

**Rear Trans=K574 / Front Trans=KTM10

**Mower doesn't stop or slow down, motor is humming along...etc..

**Husky recommends 10 degree slope - figuring that is for the lawyers considering what other people can do on these guys.

**Rear/Front synchronization on the transmission is 52 rpms/53 rpms. Rear drive belt is cogged and drives the K574. The K574 system then powers the KTM10 via hydraulic lines.

So I have a couple questions:

1. What are the symptoms that a hydro is not purged correctly? Or not purged very well?

2. Does the belt start slipping before you stall the hydro system? I will assume the manufacturer sets belt tension on the safe side to protect the transmission correct?

3. All said and done - could I upgrade to wider pulleys (5/8" vs 1/2"). From the looks of it, I have the space to add a wider pulley.

4. As stated above - the rear drive belt is cogged and doesn't look like a Kevlar belt. Thoughts/Possibility of a belt upgrade?

I have been all over this site looking for answers - but couldn't find anything that would help. Just looking to upgrade a bit so I can mow with this guy and now fork out $12k or even $8k for something different.




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**Husky recommends 10 degree slope - figuring that is for the lawyers considering what other people can do on these guys.
Are you saying side slopes or slopes in general.

Side slopes are a safety issue based on the possibility of creating a rollover situation. Yes, the lawyers have a hand in this one. Some LT manufacturers recommend no more than a 15° side slope. Of note is the fact that the center of gravity of an R322 is no lower than for most LTs, and the width, that makes for stability, is definitely not as wide as most 4wd GTs that are normally used for steep slopes.

Slopes in general, or directly up or down a slope, is more of an engineering concern for engine lubrication and hydro reservoir design, as well as the safety aspect. Weight transfer when going upslope results in increase rear axle traction with some risk of a backwards rollover in specific situations on steeper grades. A 30° slope is considered to be steep. The maximum grade for soil is approximately 39°.

1. Answered in the other thread.
2. A properly tensioned belt slips very little under anticipated loads. All belts do slip to a slight degree.
3. Single A-section belts have been used successfully for decades to power snow throwers/blowers which are subject to sustained engine max performance loads on GTs without undue slippage. Your hydro drive belt will not be required to handle that much power ever.
4. From what I have read in the R322 thread, no one has needed to change out the hydro drive belt in the past 5 years. From this, I deduce that it doesn't need an upgrade.

Unless you find a mechanical fault causing your issues, the logical solution may be to upgrade your R322 to a 4wd GT with a stronger hydro to handle the steep grade. I have not read of any of the other owners with a similar problem, and I have followed that thread since day one.

FYI, I've rolled my SCUT on a considerably lesser grade. I'm of an age where safety is a wee bit higher on my personal agenda and a long 30° slope is more likely to be left to go natural than to be mowed.
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