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Quick thoughts on 318

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John Deere 318 Garden Tractor w/o deck - $775

Wow 2500 hours and seller has no knowledge of engine..

He said a little puff of smoke on cranks but non on running.

How much is a deck for this

Runs strong, no smoke. 18HP Onan Performer engine, hydrostatic drive, pwr steering and full hydraulics. No deck. Tractor ag tires on rear. Bought for installation of front end loader but bought a little larger tractor. $775 cash (Firm)


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A decent deck would run probably $600 or more, so you're talking $1375 or more for a very high hour 318.

Do you know the serial number? Is it possible it has been repowered? And those Ags don't look to be in the greatest shape. Seat is trashed, sheet metal looks good from this angle. How is the hyrdro?

I believe you could do better, but you would need to be willing to spend $1200-$2000.
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Just talk to seller and have not seen in person. The hours are a little scary. The seller did not know anything more than what he posted. He bought to put a fel on but ran across a larger tractor already equipped and bought it and he said that is what he had in the 318.
Mower deck definitely and possible short term repower is a chunk of change to be looking at and only able to pull my dump

I was expecting 1500-2000 outlay with a little better odds on chance running for a little while
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