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Quick Hitch Plow and Blower

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Does anyone switch between the blower and plow much?
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Does anyone switch between the blower and plow much?
Yes, I do quite regularly. Takes all of 5-10 minutes.

Stladrill, it is a 455 with a quick hitch.

Brian, This will be the first winter that I had a choice of a tractor mounted anything.
How do you decide what set up you are going to use? My tractor came with the plow, I added the blower, I am wondering if it is worth the trouble to switch back and forth.
You'll have to play with them to learn the best set up for your need, each of us have different parameter, what is good for one don't necessary work for the other. :fing32:
I have both the blower and plow for my X500. I haven't got to use the blower much because of lack of snow the last 2 years. I live in Western Washington State. Most of our snow is wet sloppy stuff of 12 inches or less.

This type of snow best is handled by the plow in my experience. When we get the dry stuff of feet of drifting snow on rare occasions the blower is a better choice. With the X500.

I don't have a Quick Hitch. That sounds interesting.

Just my 2cents

I havent switched them other than taking the plow off, then after the painting, putting the snowblower on. I guess if I did it a few times I would be able to do the switch quickly. I just realized that the way I ran the spout control cable into the cab would make it difficult to switch unless I disconected it at the blower end. Oh well, time to install an electric spout control.
On my old X728, I switched a couple times, it was a piece of cake because you could leave the blower driveshaft from the mid PTO on while blading. I switched with conditions, which around here meant infrequent switches. I wish it was as easy to switch from blower to FEL.
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