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Quick advice needed, inspection of used X300 with 210hours

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I'm going to look at a used 2009 X300 tonight. It has been used to mow 3 arces and to push a snow blade in the winter. Machine looks mint in the pictures and seller claims the machine was babied, stored in doors from new, and always serviced at one of two dealers in the area. No paperwork on that though as she is selling due to divorce and and the papers are with hubby. The machine is her's though. (I hope)

The concern from what I've read is the K46 tranny. From what I read, towing loads and working the machine on hills will kill that tranny, I would imagine pushing snow would too although the cold ambient temperatures might save it. I suspect the failure is caused by heat right? 210 hours is a tad more than I wanted, I feel like the machine could go for years or die next week, I've read about machines dying at 100 hours, but then you have no idea what they were being used for.

Any pointers on what to inspect for and thoughts on the future longevity of that tranny would be much appreciated. For what it's worth, I'd expect to put 25 hours on it a year, cutting slighty sloping lawn....
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Get the oil changed now. You'll be glad you did as it may also be an opportunity to see how degraded it is (which could be a sign of heavy wear).

Also - it's worth knowing that you can buy rebuild kits for TT transmissions direct from the manufacturer. You get seals and other similar fluid-related parts and the rebuild itself just takes time to do... Cost of the kit should be around $350 (US) and it's easy to tell if you can rebuild the tranny or need a new one (open it up and scrape your fingernail along the smooth surfaces where the fluid flows through - if you feel any grooves, you can't rebuild).

As far as all of the service paperwork - the dealer should have that whether the PO did or not.
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