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Questions on corn -

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Well, the corn is in a lot of different stages. On some, the tassel has barely started to stick its head out, ear thingy's tiny- but I also have 4 small ears silking - and some fully extended tassels w/ pollen.

Any thoughts to get the most out of these? I did take a sable brush and move some pollen from tassel to silk since I have them a bit crowded.

Will this staggering of plant development mean that I get corn for a long period? Should I save the pollen for hand fertilizing slow plants?

Had a good breeze come through, knocked a couple tassels over. Have staked up. Been very hot here in NW -like 106 here yesterday. Can you over water in this kind of heat? Everything looked a bit wilted, even the corn. Looks better now w/overnight drip.

All thoughts welcome! :thanku:

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It's hard to over water corn, especially in that kind of heat. I wouldn't worry about the uneven developement, it's normal, they will all end up at the same place in the end. No, it will not extend your season...sorry.
Sheila, the only concern I would have is if you are growing non-gmo or heirloom corn. If you are after sweet corn and you planted these types, you need to pick them when they are ready. If you leave them it will ruin the flavor. The will only be good for flour or field.
Thanks guys! I think the corn was Sweet/sugar pearl or such. Bummer about ear development not being very staggered, but that's just the best reason to have a corn party for all my friends from the city!

Cooling off at last - total record breaking heat up here.

Take care!

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If you want to spread out the corn harvest, try planting three plantings 2 weeks apart. Just make sure to plant enough to ensure good pollination.
another option is to plant different varieties, with different maturation times. I did an early bread and butter type, a later b&b, and a late all white variety. You can see them in my other thread.
Thanks all! Wow, there are silky ears popping out all over the patch.

Well, I'll feed my friends fresh, freeze the rest, and stagger planting next year to stretch it out a bit.

This garden thing is so interesting -

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