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questions about a mower deck

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hi guys
I have a 40" mower deck attached to an 816. What weight oi product do you use in the gear box... where the input shaft is?
Right now its like pancake batter.

If you use grease... do you use grease from a grease gun or wheel bearing grease?

Can you use silicone for a gasket or do you have to have a gasket for clearance sake?

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Multi-purpose grease by the small tube.
Whether its a 40" commercial or a regular rider gearbox then yes, you can use grease. I prefer 00 grease because it flows a lot better than regular #2.


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I assumed he was referring to a 40" 3-blade belly mower. On the gasket question, yes, I always use one on the gear box. Much easier to service that way.
ditto on the gasket, I usually make my own as I buy it in sheets and cut out myself so I can have them on hand. OO grease in the gearbox. Rotary brand can be bought at most small engine shops or any Snapper dealer.
I know a place that has those gear boxes for the two blade belly mower he wants to get rid of if it will help anyone, e-mail me at [email protected]
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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