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Question on Simplicity 4212

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Hello all, new guy here...

A friend of mine is trying to sell me his Simplicity 4212. He says it's roughly 10 years old and it comes with a mower deck and snowblower attachment. He said he's asking $500 or best offer...what do you guys think?
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Pass, for one its about 200-300 more then its worth. Second its the starter simplicity. Move up the line up you will be happier...
Thank you for your advice. I'm curious, if was going to buy this tractor, what should i offer? Like around the $250 range? And, if you say move up the line, what tractor would suggest? I have never owned one before and am looking for one to mow and snowblow with.
Thanks guys for your advice.

I just came across an older Simplicity 728...not sure of the year but it comes with two snow blower attachments and a mower deck. Guy wants $250 for everything.
I have about half an acre to mow. I also wanted it for the snowblowing ability as well and i also thought i could maybe make some money snowblowing a few driveways this winter too.

The price has since dropped to $400.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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