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Question on Simplicity 4212

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Hello all, new guy here...

A friend of mine is trying to sell me his Simplicity 4212. He says it's roughly 10 years old and it comes with a mower deck and snowblower attachment. He said he's asking $500 or best offer...what do you guys think?
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one big question is what do you plan to do with it? how much grass are you cutting, and how much area are you clearing snow from?

I would think with the snow blower it wold be worth more then $200, but maybe not the $500 being asked, but then it seems prices are higher out east so that may mean $400-$500. Also condition could change that, but I couldnt' see it beeign much higher.

one difference I knowticed between my 5216 and 7116 is the 5216 has a tighter turning radius, I think the 4200's would be about the same. If the 4212 does everthing you need it too, and you need the tighter turns, and is in excellent condition, I wouldnt' back away from it.
a friend of mine couldn't use the bigger deck so the 4212 with a 36" deck works great for him. He loves it.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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