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Question on Odd PTO Configuration

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I posted a thread under the Massey Harris / Massey Ferguson section about an odd dual rear PTO shaft configuration I saw on a Ferguson TO30 at a tractor show. That thread seems to have topped out at 74 views and no-one responding. Since the machine is a close cousin of the Ford N's, I thought I'd post a link to it here and see if anyone can help me ID it.
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It's a ferguson PTO speed reducer use with 3pt hay rakes. Here is a photo of one I sold to a guy from Ireland. It was NOS.
I'm sirprised nobody knew what it was in the ferguson section. If anybody ask where you got the info tell those ferguson boys you got it from an old ford guy.



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Thanks, Kirk! Maybe I would have gotten an answer if I'd waited longer, but patience isn't my strong suit. A speed reducer for hay rakes, chain driven, and looks like about a 2:1 reduction. Very interesting!
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