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Question on Bolens Ridemaster color ?

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As I'm sure you have all figured out by now, this is my first Bolens and I "don't know nothing" so I'm asking questions.

I went over and picked up the Ridemaster from gentleman's front yard this morning.
It is red with silver wheels and I always figured someone just painted it as all the Bolens Ridemasters that I've seen have been painted green with yellow wheels and seat.
The first Ridemaster that I bought is green with yellow wheels.

When I got this second one home and looked closer at it I realized that red is the only paint color on it.
There is some green paint on the gas tank but it is under the red paint so I figure the tank was changed at some time.

I did some more searching on the internet and found two photos of Ridemasters that are red and look like they have the original paint.

Web photo #1 looks like it has silver or white wheels.
Web photo #2 is hard to tell what color the wheels are but I'm sure they are not yellow.

Can anyone explain the color difference??

The identification on this second unit is : Type #3AB02 Ser #R3065

Here is the one I just picked up.

And the two web photos.

Thanks ..
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The Bean Cuttler's were red but your tractor is a 49 Bolens by the number.It should be Oliver Green with Old Cat Yellow wheels,don't know where the Red and White came from perhaps they liked IH.:ROF
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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