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Question on Bolens Ridemaster color ?

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As I'm sure you have all figured out by now, this is my first Bolens and I "don't know nothing" so I'm asking questions.

I went over and picked up the Ridemaster from gentleman's front yard this morning.
It is red with silver wheels and I always figured someone just painted it as all the Bolens Ridemasters that I've seen have been painted green with yellow wheels and seat.
The first Ridemaster that I bought is green with yellow wheels.

When I got this second one home and looked closer at it I realized that red is the only paint color on it.
There is some green paint on the gas tank but it is under the red paint so I figure the tank was changed at some time.

I did some more searching on the internet and found two photos of Ridemasters that are red and look like they have the original paint.

Web photo #1 looks like it has silver or white wheels.
Web photo #2 is hard to tell what color the wheels are but I'm sure they are not yellow.

Can anyone explain the color difference??

The identification on this second unit is : Type #3AB02 Ser #R3065

Here is the one I just picked up.

And the two web photos.

Thanks ..
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If i remember right the original tanks are two piece...that bolt togeather...every one i have seen was you described..Try to save those tires because its real hard to get replacements that don't almost rub the fenders...B,:trink40:

It turns out that he gas tank is rusted out on the bottom so I'm still looking for a tank.

The original 5.50x16 tires are weather checked really bad so I'm going to have to use the newer 6.00x16 tires that are available.
Like you said, they almost rub the fender but they do clear.

You're buddy's Ridemaster is really nice.
Don't know if you've seen this yet, but here's a list of year, model number, and engine. . It only goes back to '49 though. The type number doesn't seem right, and I have no explanation for the red. Maybe the FMC's were red before they bought Bolens?

I have talked with Aaron Sluder on the Bolens Ridemaster Yahoo Group about the color and about the correct engine.
This is his responce:

"Your tractor should be painted the green and yellow. As well as the ones in the
photo's you found on the web. The only ones that ever were painted the red color
were the early Bean-Cutler tractors the forerunner to the bolens ridemaster.
A lot of times people just repaint them whatever they like."

"I don't believe the BKN is the correct engine for that tractor. It should be a AKN. Some of the list that bolens have produced list the wrong engine being used. The BKN is the replacement engine. I guess it would work for you but the actual engine should be a AKN.
Aaron (Moderator)"

So I went back out and I scratched off some of the red paint and there is green paint underneath.

That identification list on the Sonney's Bolens site doesn't make sense to me.
It shows the BKN engine with the same serial number on all the Ridemasters back to 1949 with no listings before that.

My Wisconsin data shows that the BKN wasn't even made until 1955 to replace the ABN and AKN.

Most of the photos I can find of the Ridemasters have the AKN engine with the spark plug coming out the side of the head.

I had picked up a BKN engine because that is what the list showed but now I'm going to have to look for an AKN engine in order for it to be correct.

The Bean Cutler's were red but your tractor is a 49 Bolens by the number.It should be Oliver Green with Old Cat Yellow wheels,don't know where the Red and White came from perhaps they liked IH.
Thanks .. you just answered the question I was going to ask about paint color.

Do you have a more accurate model year and engine identification list for the Ridemasters????
The only list that I've run across so far is the Sonny's Bolens list.

The first Ridemaster that I got is type #35AB03 Ser #6079. According to Sonny's that type number was first made in 1955 / 56.
Someone else told me that they show the Ridemaster model #35AB3 as first being made in 1952.
Also, this second unit ( 35AB02 Ser #R3065 ) is shown on Sonny's list as #35AB2 in 1951/52/53.

Question ..................................................
If my first unit is actually a 55 or 56, wouldn't it have then had the BKN engine because Wisconsin replaced the AKN with the BKN in 55 ?

PS: I like your rail Goose.
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There's one on ebay if your willing to spend $1,000
It has the engine your after and gas tank. Its a little too high a price for me.|66:2|39:1|72:1205|293:7|294:50

I saw this first listed last week at $2500. Then it dropped to $1800 and finally to $1300 before the end of the auction.
This is the re-listing at $1000 so I wonder if he will still go lower?
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